Color Obstacle Rush 2017Saturday 17th June 2017

For more details and ticketing information contact the racecourse on 0191 236 2020

Color Obstacle Rush is the biggest run in the world that combines the fun of colour, thrill of obstacles and rhythmical festival vibes. The Rush was founded in Finland in 2014 under the Finnish name ‘Variestejuoksu’ and in its first year the tour became the most popular obstacle run series in Scandinavia. The format was licensed to United Kingdom and the United States for 2015 with more than 100,000 participants over the year. In 2017 Color Obstacle Rush is taking the world by storm: the event is going to colour people in the UK, France, Germany, Austria, Sweden and Finland.

The Secret of the success is that everything is done in the name of fun: There is no timings at the events. The course is designed to be fun rather than crazy challenging and is suitable for almost everyone over age 12. Although the Rush is a ‘running’ event you don’t have to run if you don’t feel like it. In fact, usually there are as many people (or dancing!) through the course as running. You can also choose to skip any of the obstacles if you want! With 8 colour stations, 20 different obstacles, 25 music zones, a chill out area and color festivals, Color Obstacle Rush brings people the most memorable, fun and colourful run of their lives!