A man posing for a photo during a Stampede race at Newcastle Racecourse.
A man posing for a photo during a Stampede race at Newcastle Racecourse.
Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to all your questions ahead of the event

Event Information

Three ladies cheering on while finishing the Stampede race at Newcastle Racecourse.

Event information

Although the 2020 Newcastle Stampede was unable to take place due to Covid-19, we are hoping to be able to stage this popular run once again soon.

In the meantime, we hope the below FAQs can help answer your questions, so you are fully prepared once we get the green light to get the race back on.  

Please be advised that the timings above indicate the period in which the race waves will be sent off. You will be advised of your start time upon booking. You can run at a different time within the time period if desired.

I registered for the 2020 Stampede. What happens now?
Am I Fit Enough To Take Part?
When Will I Get My Registration Pack?
What Should I Wear?
Can I Bring Spectators And Support With Me?
How Do I Get To The Racecourse?
Will There Be Any Road Closures That May Affect My Journey?
What Happens With Car Parking?
When Should I Arrive And What Do I Need With Me?
Do I Get Provided With A T-Shirt And Where Do I Collect It?
Is There Anywhere For Me To Leave My Bag?
Are There Changing Facilities?
Are There Toilets On Site?
Will There Be Any Food And Drink Facilities On Site?
What Safety Precautions Are In Place?
Is There A Photographer For The Event?
Who Is The Chosen Charity And How Do I Get Sponsorship?

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