08 June 2023

Gainford Group Ladies Day is looming, if you are wondering how on earth you will  find beautiful ensembles fit for the Style Awards, whilst keeping an eye on those precious pennies look no further than our Style Guide. 

This year, Newcastle Racecourse is encouraging all their glamourous guests to attend their famous Gainford Group Ladies Day whilst promoting sustainable fashion – pre-loved garments that have been begged, borrowed (but not stolen!) from friends, family, and loved ones. 

What better excuse is there to dig out an old favourite and give it a fantastic new lease of life ahead of the most thrilling and exciting day of the year, at Newcastle Gainford Group Ladies Day.  

There’s no official dress code for those with a general entry ticket at Newcastle  Racecourse on Ladies Day. However, it is the one day of the racing season when racegoers make that extra effort to up the style ante. Think summer-wedding vibes; summer dresses, jumpsuits, blazers, suits.

To help you get the look, whilst save the pennies and opt for a more sustainable approach in the process, below are our top tips for getting raceday ready this season.

Have a Rummage

We are all guilty of dashing to the shops every time we receive an invite to a wedding, Christmas Party or social event – but how about having a good rummage through your wardrobe and pulling out some older pieces you may have completely forgotten about. There are likely some fantastic hidden gems that were only worn once, or that could be teamed up in a completely new ensemble fit for a new soiree. Fashionable colour clashes change year on year, so try putting something together you haven’t tried before.

Pop Over to a Pals

Try an old fashioned ‘try on’ session with some friends and make an evening of it with some bubbles and a bit of music! You might have plenty of things that don’t fit you anymore (or that you have fallen out of love with yourself) but that your friends adore for their own outfit choice that you can swap and share. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a piece you used to love get a new lease of life, and seeing someone wear it with pride too!

Get Out The Glue Gun

Now we know we aren’t in pre-school – but glue guns are fantastic for adorning fashion items with accessories that can make the dullest of items into the most incredible statement pieces. A simple hairband can flourish into a glittering headpiece and the plainest of court shoes can become copycat Malonoblahniks. Craft shops all over the country sell very low cost gems, beads, flowers – everything you can think of, to reimagine your piece. If you aren’t sure what look you want to achieve, take a look on an independent retailer site such as Etsy to look at how independent stylists create their incredible intricate accessories and try to recreate their style.

Fundraise While You Fashionista

Charity shops are getting better and better, with higher end items being dropped into store every day. Why not make the most out of a pre-loved item while doing a good deed at the same time – knowing your money is going to help others in these difficult times adds an extra layer of joy to the shopping experience, and knowing you saved your own pennies in the process will keep a smile on your face all race day long!

Borrow Don’t Buy

If you have exhausted all of the other options and you really can’t seem to pull anything out of the bag, try an online hire company. Some of the world’s best designers are accessible on a budget to fit high street pockets – and whilst it isn’t the cheapest way to dress, it certainly helps those with a love of labels, as you can send them back the following day! But don’t tell anyone ;) Rental options include visiting a dedicated hiring company for high-end designer items or peer-to-peer rental services (think fashion Airbnb!). Our top rental sites include, and

Top Tips on What Not to Wear this Racing Season

  • Know your crafting limits - Whilst we’re all in for our racegoers getting their craft on, if you’ve never sown before it’s probably best to start simple by adding a corsage or some gems to accessories rather than taking on a completely homemade ensemble
  • Colour Clashes – Colour clashes are all the rage, just try to pair up colours that are on the same side of the colour wheel and not from opposing sides. Pair warm colours such as pink and red with oranges and cool colours like blue with purples or green
  • Dress for the weather – race day is about feeling comfortable as well as stylish, so be mindful of the elements when selecting an outfit. If there’s rain on the forecast, add a see-through umbrella that won’t deter from your look. If there’s windy conditions (and there often are at Bath!) then be mindful of hemlines being too short and flouncy. If you feel comfortable, then you’ll instantly look at ease!
  • Try not to wear black – black pieces (especially those made with sequins or velvet) are reminiscent of cocktail wear and aren’t really a go to for race day. Save those for any glamorous evening party invites that come your way.
  • Mind your polka dots – small polka dot fabrics can look ladylike and very apt for a race day event, but watch out that the dots aren’t too large and that your garments don’t have large patterns on them which can look busy and a little dated.
  • Add an accessory - Give a past summer outfit a new lease of life by updating it with new, lower cost accessories. On Ladies Day, many guests wear a hat or fascinator. It’s not obligatory at all but can add instant wow factor!

Not just for Ladies … although many racecourses stage ‘Ladies Day’ fixtures, these racedays recognise the extra effort all racegoers put into their outfits to make the occasion special and the Style Awards fashion competitions are open to all.

Don't forget to book in advance to save! Get your Gainford Group Ladies Day tickets here! 

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