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27 January 2023

Many of us set out fitness New Year’s Resolutions only to find they fall by the wayside before February arrives. However, getting your team and your business into shape for the year ahead maybe a regime worth prioritising and sticking to. Supporting good mental, physical & nutritional health in the workplace creates an environment that can help decrease personal and professional stress while fitness, nutrition, mindfulness and meditation all offer scientifically proven ways of reducing and managing stress.

Wellness initiatives create a shared goal and purpose for people inside and outside of work; this brings teams and colleagues together and strengthens morale and confidence which ultimately impacts positively on performance. 

At Newcastle Racecourse we’ve integrated this thinking into our DDR Conference and Meeting packages. Any organisation booking a meeting or conference space can choose from a range of creative, meditative and fitness bolt-ons to inspire your Staff along with new healthy menu choices to suit all tastes. Activities aimed at stimulating the mind and body include Artistic & Creative, Country Pursuits like archery, shooting and fencing and Group Fitness designed for all levels.

Stretch your legs and your mind

The Racecourse naturally benefits from wide open space and spectacular rural views so you can also make the most of your time by taking an organised track walk. The Clerk of the Course will be able to give you their insight into how the grounds and courses are managed, things to look out for and answer any questions. This is a simple, creative way of breaking up a busy agenda ensuring you and your colleagues have a much-needed diversion before returning to the second part of the meeting refreshed and energised.

Delicious food without the guilt

Our chefs have taken inspiration from the jockeys that race here to develop a nutritious and healthy food range full of protein, vitamins and low on calories. You can still opt for pastries, chocolate brownies and sandwiches but we think that once you’ve tried the pearl cous cous and protein yoghurts with berries, there’ll be no going back! The menu includes Healthy Soup of the day, Flaked tuna in lemon juice, chilli & lime pink prawns, Whole wheat pasta salad in a spicy tomato and coriander sauce and much more.

Burn off your brunch

After enjoying the special menu, why not join colleagues in a group fitness session? Whether indoors or outdoors, even light physical exercise can help to combat stress, depression and anxiety. The sessions will focus on improving strength, flexibility and ‘aerobic ability’ to boost energy and sharpen the senses while improving endurance, agility and balance. All the equipment will be provided and activities can be tailored to suit different group sizes and levels of ability.

So, contact the team today on (01342) 831793 and ask us about getting your business off to a healthy start for year ahead. You can download a full list of activities and see the menu by heading over to the YourVENUE website, the home of venue hire for Arena Racing Company here

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