ARC Announce New Bonus Schemes For Summer And Winter Racing


23 June 2022

Arena Racing Company (“ARC”) is pleased to announce two significant bonus schemes that will operate across the group’s flat racecourses in the coming months, and into 2023.

From 1 July to 30 September 2022, ARC will offer a winner’s bonus across all Class 4, 5 and 6 flat races to offer a minimum first prize of £5,500, £5,000 and £4,000 respectively.  This will apply to all flat races at this class, irrespective of age, race type or surface and will complement general increases to flat prize money values across these classes at ARC racecourses for the rest of 2022, further detailed below.

Furthermore, ARC is delighted to introduce a new £1,000,000 bonus pot available for horses racing throughout the winter at Lingfield Park, Newcastle, Southwell, and Wolverhampton.  Coinciding with the new All-Weather Championships season, from Tuesday 18 October 2022 to Good Friday April 7 2023, over £1,000,000 will be available to owners, trainers, jockeys and racing staff connected with the most consistent performers at ARC’s four all-weather racecourses.

Horses finishing in the top five in every all-weather race at an ARC racecourse will win points that go towards a Horse of the Month prize, which will pay £20,000 to the winner (£40,000 in February and March & April), as well as an end-of-season Horse of the Year prize, which will pay £100,000 to the horse with the most points overall, with further prizes down to 20th place.

The Horse of the Month competitions will be judged on points accrued in the first three runs by any horse in each of the five monthly periods (October & November, December, January, February and March & April). Similarly, points will be allocated in the Horse of the Year competition in the first three runs of each of the five monthly periods, up to a maximum of fifteen runs across the season. Live data will be available to access via the ARC website for up-to-date placings and scores.

Alongside the Horse of the Month prize, a total of £10,000 will be won by the stables connected to the top three horses each month, with a £7,000 prize for the top Jockey (by wins) at each of the four ARC all-weather racecourses across the season. The top Apprentice Jockey (by wins) at each ARC all-weather racecourse at the end of the season will win a prize of £3,000.

Managing Director of ARC Racing Division, Mark Spincer, said, “We are delighted to bring these two new bonus schemes to our racecourses this year.  The winner’s bonus for our Class 4, 5 and 6 races that will be in place from 1 July to 30 September across all of our flat racecourses and will give owners a minimum prize to aim at, alongside the general increases to our flat values at these classes for the rest of 2022.

“The £1,000,000 all-weather bonus is a new scheme for 2022, and one that we hope will bring some great competition to the winter all-weather season to reward the most consistent performers across our four all-weather racecourses.  

“The winning most horse competition in the All-Weather Championships has always been popular and hugely competitive, and we hope that the new monthly and seasonal bonuses that are available will prove popular with racehorse owners and trainers, as well as the jockeys and racing staff who will also benefit.”

For full information regarding the ARC £1,000,000 all-weather bonus scheme, as well as terms and conditions, please click here.

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